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11 Station Luxury Restroom Trailer

28-foot 11-Station Luxury Restroom Trailer Men's Staged Urinals

Our beautiful 28-foot, eleven-station luxury restroom trailer for high traffic events has five private stalls and two sinks for the women; four urinals, two stalls and two sinks for the men.


Both the men’s and women’s areas are equipped with an entrance and exit door to create a safe, even flow of traffic.

The common areas are very large and spacious, giving users a comfortable environment to share.

11-Station Luxury Restroom Trailer - Women's Interior

Our Products

20 Foot 8 Station Spa Gray

Lightweight, spacious and beautiful describe this 20 foot, 8-Station portable restroom trailer designed for both operators and end-users.

25 Foot 10 Station Gray

Inside this 25 foot, 10-Station trailer, the ladies area has five spacious stalls and a twin-basin vanity. For the men, there are two private stalls, three urinals and a twin-basin vanity.

3-Station Shower Restroom Combo - Station 1
3 Station Shower Restroom Combo

The unique, 3-Station shower/restroom combination trailer has everything you want. A complete bathroom with shower to change and get ready for a big event.